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Flight with Baltic Bees Jet Team L39C jet plane


Program of Flight
We'll present you with the L-39 Albatros fighter jet at the airport. The pilot will do preflight briefing, get you familiar with the cockpit, controls and ejection seat procedure. Then a memorable take-off will push you into your seat and the aerobatics are about to start with the maximum airspeed of 750 km/h! With the huge g-forces and incredible speed, you'll feel like a real jet fighter pilot for a while. The difficulty level and the flight´s program can be discussed with the pilot and modified based on your desires and physical condition.
Aerobatic manoeuvres during the flight:
-> Turns
-> Looping
-> Rolling
-> Zero-g
-> Fight turns
-> Deep dives
-> Low passes
-> Pilot will allow you to control fighter jet
The minimum age requirement for the jet fighter flight is 18. Being in good health is also another important requirement.
The date with optimal weather conditions is arranged with the pilot prior to the flight.
Number of participants
The L-39 is a two-seat aircraft, so this gift can be for just one person. The second person on board is the professional Baltic Bees jet fighter pilot. A ground crew will also monitor your flight.
Spectators are allowed (max. 4 people, more is for an additional fee) within a marked area at the airport. They are also permitted to take photos and make videos.
The flight´s duration is 30 minutes. The total duration of the experience is about 2 hours (including pre-flight briefing with an experienced fighter pilot + the actual flight + after-flight briefing).
The cockpit of the L-39 Albatros is air-conditioned and you will receive all necessary clothing for the flight on the spot.
Flights are possible all year round.


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